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Home School Packs

Hazie Days received a grant from Foresters UK to support 30 of our member who are currently Home Schooling as the schools are closed due to Covid 19. This is the second school closure in the UK which has impacted the confidence and mental health of many of our members. Most of our members are accessing education through online resources while some are accessing part time education at school.

The Grant enabled us to purchase notebooks, pens, felt tips, colouring pencils, paints and other consumables to make home schooling easier and more fun. We were able to delivery these packs to 30 of our members.

The packs provided a much needed boast in available resources for our member who may, because of their disabilities, need more resources. They may need to write more things down or want to re-draft things until they are perfect. Some members need to doodle or fidget to focus, or use colours to help them learn. Some of our members may have disabilities that mean they break things more easily without meaning too. The packs were also a small gesture to let families know they are not alone and there are others feeling the same worries and concerns.

We would like to Thanks My Foresters Impact Grant for making project possible.


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